Company Philosophy: management, competition, brand and service.

● Philosophy of management:

   To do rather than just to know;

   To simplify things rather than to complicate things;

   To make staffs freely perform rather than to strictly control them.

   Management never has trifles. A truly excellent enterprise doesn’t have any dramatic story. To achieve such state, one has to deal with seemingly simple things for many times without even one mistake, or at             least without stupid mistakes.

   Management starts from behave ourselves. It is neither a skill nor an art, but a practice.   

● Philosophy of competition:

   Cake of success is endless.

   Sharing cakes with others is not as good as enjoying them by yourself.

   Want to surpass your rivals? Then surpass yourself first.

   If you dance with the footsteps of your rivals, then every step is a trap.

   The best way to lead is to let your rivals imitate you, and the only advantage to lead is the speed of innovation.

   The distance between customers is the distance between you and your rivals.

    The principles to treat our rivals: respect, learn from each other, dare to compete, do not do redundant comment, not to be too concerned about  competitors’ comments.

● Philosophy of brand:

   Brand is not a tactic but a strategy.

   Brand is not for competition but for exceeding competition.

   Brand is not for today, but for the future.

   Brand is not competitor-oriented but customer-oriented. It focus on the differences of consumption value among target customers rather than on the differences between competitors and us.

   The core of brand is added value which includes the pursuit of entrepreneurs, the behaviors of staffs, the feeling of customers and the expect of the brand.

   It takes a long time for a brand to develop, but it is only a blink of an eye for the brand to be perished.

● Philosophy of service:

   Royal customers are not born to with us. We get to win their hearts by our capability and maintain by our sincerity.

   Service is a process to create added values for our customers, and it never stops.

   Only to learn from our customers can we provide better service for them.

   Service is not just a career but also a kind of spirit and quality.

   Service is to let our customers feel that we sincerely want to help them to reach success.

   Employees are the most important customers of our company. If even our employees were not our royal customers, let alone the other customers.


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